​​​​​​​​​Virtual Cocktail Masterclasses

Introducing our Ultimate Virtual Cocktail Classes Experience!​​​​​
hosted by The Cocktail Connoisseurs

Our Virtual Cocktail Masterclasses offer you, your friends and your colleagues the opportunity to come together virtually and share an unforgettable cocktail learning experience! You will get to learn all about the cocktails, how they are made, a range of mixology techniques and of course, get to drink them with their friends and colleagues at the end!

How do the Virtual Cocktail Classes work?
You and your participants will all be sent your very own cocktail kit, with everything you will need to make a range of different bar quality cocktails, including spirits, mixers, bitters and fresh ingredients. Upgrade your cocktail kits to include all the bar quality equipment you and your guests will need to shake your cocktails!

On the day of your virtual cocktail masterclass experience, everyone will then join Zoom/Teams and be treated to a private cocktail class hosted by one of our very own mixologists. During the masterclass, your guests will learn all about the cocktails, how to make them and of course, get to drink them with their friends and colleagues at the end!

Check out what our previous masterclass clients have to say about their experiences below! 

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