Mojito Kit (Makes 4 Cocktails)


Introducing our Mojito Cocktail Kit

This box makes Cocktails

This is are one step away from creating incredible Mojitos at home!

Order our Mojito Cocktail Set and get enough spirit, mixer, syrups and fresh ingredients (minus mint), along with a step-by-step recipe card and mixology masterclass video to make 4 bar quality Mojito cocktails, delivered straight to your door!

Does Not Include Mint: So that we can deliver UK wide, we had to remove the fresh mint from our Mojito cocktail kits

Our Mojito Box Includes:
- 4 x 50ml White Rum
- 2 x 50ml Pure Sugar Cane Syrup* (New)
- 1 x 200ml Soda Water 
- 2 x Fresh Limes
- Step-by-Step Recipe Card
​​​​​​​- Masterclass Tutorial Video

All you will need is:
- Bunch of Fresh Mint​​​​​​​
- Ice (Crushed)
- Jigger (25ml/50ml) (available in starter kit)
- Bar Spoon with Muddler (available in starter kit)
- Collins Glass

*We now have our very own 50ml Pure Sugar Cane Syrups, which means the quantities of our kits are even more exact and you aren't left with extra syrups - we will update the pictures as soon as we can!​​​​​​

Please Note:
- This kit Does Not contain Fresh Mint
- Please note this box Does Not include the equipment (available in starter kit) or chopping board
- Vegan Friendly 

You must be 18 or over to purchase a box, ID will be requested on Delivery 
Supplied by The M Bar

Product Code: MB4
Weight: 2kg