Connoisseurs Whisky Sour Kit (Makes 7 Cocktails)


Introducing our Connoisseurs Whisky Sour Cocktail Kit

This box makes Cocktails

This is are one step away from creating Connoisseurs Whisky Sour Cocktails at home!

With this Cocktail Set, you will get enough spirit, mixer, fresh fruit and garnishes, along with a step-by-step recipe card and mixology masterclass video to make 7 bar quality cocktails, delivered straight to your door!

You may also be wondering why Whisky isn't spelt with an 'e' (Whiskey)... well as Connoisseurs we like to do things a bit different, which is why we have mixed it up and decided to use Scotch Whisky instead of the more traditional Bourbon Whiskey in our Whisky Sour Cocktail Box - we know you’ll love it !

Our Connoisseurs Whisky Sour Box Includes:
- 1 x 350ml Scotch Whisky
- 1 x 250ml Pure Sugar Cane Syrup
- 1 x Aromatic Bitters
- 4 x Fresh Lemons
- Step-by-Step Recipe Card
- Masterclass Tutorial Video

- Please note this box Does Not include the equipment (available in starter kit) or chopping board

All you will need is:
- Ice (Cubed)
- Cocktail Shaker (available in equipment kits)
- Measure (available in equipment kits)
- Fine Mesh Strainer (available in equipment kits)
- Vegetable Peeler
- Rocks Glass (any tumbler style glass will work)

​​​​​Please Note:
- This box contains Fresh Ingredients
- Vegan Friendly 

You must be 18 or over to purchase a box, ID will be requested on Delivery 
Supplied by The M Bar

Product Code: WS7
Weight: 5kg