Mother’s Day, the one day we honour the sacrifices our Mums made to raise us into who we are today.

A day we shower them with love and gifts, including cards, flowers and chocolate… but why can’t the perfect gift for her be cocktails? Be the favourite child this year and treat mum to a cocktail kit, enjoy some quality time together, shake a cocktail or two and reminisce about all the times you misbehaved as a kid.

Our Winning Mother’s Day Cocktail: The Classic Bramble

Our top pick this year would be the classic Bramble. With gin at its base, beautifully paired with lemon, sweet notes and Scottish bramble liqueur, createing a drink bursting with flavour.


The Bramble dates back to the mid 80’s and was first created by Dick Bradsell in Soho, London. The creator of this drink took inspiration from his childhood on the Isle of White and all the days he spent getting scratched from the brambles picking the blackberries from the top of the bushes. We all know not to eat the low hanging fruit…

Wanting to create something “quintessentially British”, he chose gin to compliment the crème de Mûre and luckily lived next to a restaurant that had a crushed ice machine and bingo the classic was born.


Another Delicious Favourite: The Espresso Martini

Another equally delicious cocktail for all those coffee loving mums out there is the Espresso Martini. Hitting all the right notes with Vodka, a decadent coffee liqueur, touch of sweet and nitro cold brew coffee, combined to create a truly timeless cocktail. 

Another throw-back to the 80’s, the then “Vodka Espresso” again came from the brilliant mind of Dick Bradsell. This time whilst working at Soho Brasserie, London, it is believed a super model of the time asked for a drink that would “wake her up and f*** her up”. Charming! So Bradsell, working on the station that had the espresso machine next to him and with vodka being at the height of its popularity, he whipped up the Vodka Espresso. It wasn’t until the 90’s that the name and glassware was changed to the Espresso Martini in that iconic “V” shaped martini glass.