2-in-1 Mojito (Makes 4) & Cocktail Equipment Kit


2-in-1 Mojito (makes 4) & Cocktail Equipment Kit

Our 2-in-1 cocktail kit contains all the ingredients you will need (minus limes & mint), along with a step-by-step recipe card and mixology masterclass video, to make 4 bar quality Mojito cocktails, as well as the equipment to make them - what's not to love?

Our Mojito & Cocktail Equipment Kit Includes:
- 4 x 50ml White Rum
- 2 x 50ml Pure Sugar Cane Syrup* (New)
- 1 x 200ml Soda Water (New product image coming soon)
- Step-by-Step Recipe Card
- 3-Piece Cobbler Shaker
- Jigger (25ml/50ml)
- Bar Spoon with Muddler
- Fine Mesh Strainer
- Instruction Card
​​​​​​​- Masterclass Tutorial Video

All you will need is:
- 2 Limes
- Bunch of Mint
- Ice (Crushed)
- Collins Glass (any glass will work)

*We now have our very own 50ml Pure Sugar Cane Syrups, which means the quantities of our kits are even more exact and you aren't left with extra syrups - we will update the pictures as soon as we can!​​​​​​​

​​​Please Note:
- Please note this box Does Not include the chopping board​​​​​​​
- This box Does Not contain Fresh Ingredients
- Vegan Friendly 

You must be 18 or over to purchase a box, ID will be requested on Delivery 
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